Neo detiene las balas – Neo stops bullets

Bullets? Balas? It's up to you. Run away or just step back and observe "it" with new eyes. What about if you already are? Observe it as if you already are and you will be able to stop bullets. Just choose an example in your life and do it today. Tell me then / Depende … Continue reading Neo detiene las balas – Neo stops bullets

We – Nosotros

We are a network in which聽each of us is a source of insights of awareness and connection.聽聽We are creating context of love and possibility for everyone be their聽"I". Our purpose is to spread the voice and the spirit to everyone - leaders, teams, individuals, families, organizations, NGO, enterprises, etc - who is committed to contribute … Continue reading We – Nosotros


What if we were who created what we see in the聽 world?聽We are so addicted to find answers that we deny apor铆as聽and then we, as human beings, have built the world as it is, and ended up related with the reality as we see it, and ended up denying the differences...resisting to the uncertainty, resisting … Continue reading Apor铆as

To Choose & Fallacy – Elegir & Falacias

Imagine you are in a limit situation. Everything was decided. The desition was already taken.聽You want A and it was decided B. But then you are ask to choose. Choose: do you want to do B in "x" month or in "y" month? What??聽聽That's not to choose. And that's a fallacy. 聽Both. To choose is … Continue reading To Choose & Fallacy – Elegir & Falacias

The incorrect question – La pregunta incorrecta / ESTEBAN BIEDA

Reading a Platonic dialogue and discussing it with my Griego's聽teacher, Esteban Bieda, I didn't understand the outcome. Didn't understand the purpose. So I asked him, what was the answer. And he told me: The intention of the dialogue is to show that there is no correct answer because everything started with the incorrect question.聽 => … Continue reading The incorrect question – La pregunta incorrecta / ESTEBAN BIEDA