Ask, Seek, Knock (Mathew 7,7 / Mateo 7,7) 7"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.鈥 "Pide y se te dar谩; busca y … Continue reading ASK, SEEK; KNOCK – PIDE, BUSCA, LLAMA


SAPERE AUDE!!! Time to study Latin - Tiempo de estudiar Latin. It's quite complex. Es bastante complejo. And so lovely. Y tan encantador. And Funny. Y Divertido. Thanks聽JUAN GOLDIN!!!!! SAPERE AUDE! / Atr茅vete a Saber! /Have the courage to use your own understanding! IMMANUEL KANT聽 Konigsberg in Prussia, 30th September, 1784. Enlightenment is man's emergence … Continue reading SAPERE AUDE!

Philosophers? Fil贸sofos?

Are you a Philosopher? Sos un Fil贸sofo?聽 1) at least once you wonder how can something exist when before it didn't exist or聽viceversa /聽al menos una vez te preguntaste c贸mo puede existir algo cuando antes no exist铆a o viceversa 2) at least once you doubt if聽there聽is a mistake聽in your perceptions, or your experience and / … Continue reading Philosophers? Fil贸sofos?

Less Descartes and more TAO TE CHING

Ren茅 Descartes con su proposici贸n fundamental de Pienso Luego Existo tuvo una infuencia tan profunda en los seres humanos que lo estamos usando como nuestro contexto predeterminado desde el cual comenzamos la jornada, la mayor铆a del tiempo sin siquiera darnos cuenta. Desde mi punto de vista siguiendo la propuesta de Descartes los seres humanos terminamos … Continue reading Less Descartes and more TAO TE CHING

Neo detiene las balas – Neo stops bullets

Bullets? Balas? It's up to you. Run away or just step back and observe "it" with new eyes. What about if you already are? Observe it as if you already are and you will be able to stop bullets. Just choose an example in your life and do it today. Tell me then / Depende … Continue reading Neo detiene las balas – Neo stops bullets