Ventaja Colaborativa / Collaborative Advantage

Desde LFM Coaching declaramos el mes de Abril como el mes de la Colaboración. Para qué volver a nombrar lo obvio? Para traerlo a la superficie, para revalorizarlo, para hacerlo conciente, para tomar posición. En LFM Coaching no creemos en la Competencia. Es un concepto obsoleto desde nuestro punto de vista. Te invitamos a que … Continuar leyendo Ventaja Colaborativa / Collaborative Advantage

Global Diversity Week – Nov 10 to 14 : First day

There is a Global Bank that celebrates the diversity week. This is the 4th year.From the end of the world, from where Pope Francis come - Argentina, we are joining to the celebration. Hay un Banco global que celebra la semana de la diversidad. Este es el 4to año. Desde el fin del mundo, desde donde el Papa Francisco viene - … Continuar leyendo Global Diversity Week – Nov 10 to 14 : First day

Wellbeing in action – Bienestar en acción

Beyond the benefits companies can give to employees re wellbeing there is a must: give the power back to people. They have the power. Each of us has the power. The power to act.  The power of choice. To choose and act consequently. Create context of possibilities to facilitates wellbeing in all the dimensions and … Continuar leyendo Wellbeing in action – Bienestar en acción

Evolving to a b…

Evolving to a better way of working, evolucionando hacia una mejor manera de trabajar We are going to have next week a video conferece with John Stepper The experience and the possibility itself brings joy to my life. It may sound silly but it is so powerful. We are always creating our future and therefore … Continuar leyendo Evolving to a b…

Our work as HR – Nuestro trabajo como Recursos Humanos

Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic Our work: keep the love living in our organisations, keep our people awake and living while working, sharing life, being aware of that everything we do touch other lifes directly or indirectly, what a best meaning … Continuar leyendo Our work as HR – Nuestro trabajo como Recursos Humanos