Toastmasters: Possibility / Posibilidad

In march 2012 I presented this word in our bi-weekly Toastmaster meeting: POSSIBILITY In my view possibility is something that hasn't exist yet, when we create a possibility we bring something new into existence, something that has never been done before...and that's the power of possibility. Possibility expand the world where we live in, and … Continue reading Toastmasters: Possibility / Posibilidad

Toastmasters : Collaboration – Colaboraci√≥n

This was my second speech at Toastmasters. All the concepts inspired in¬†John Stepper's work. COLLABORATION: Why? Por qu√©? The world changed. We live now in a VUCA world: VOLATIL UNCERTAIN COMPLEX AMBIGUOS. This is impacting in our organizations, creating stress and suffering to employees and lose of competitive advantage to organizations. Por qu√©? El mundo … Continue reading Toastmasters : Collaboration – Colaboraci√≥n