Leadership For Meaning

Some years ago, at the end of 2005,  I met a music teacher and in one inspiring meeting he did a combination of the init2917941129_3eb9bb7998ials of my full name applying kabbalah and get LFM. Then we started to think about possible  interpretations. We got many alternatives but weren’t sure…Then, in 2009, when I started this blog the «LFM» come to me and also «Leadership for Meaning» . So that’s why this is the name of the blog, which is very inspiring for me but sounds to me like «naive».

I was surprised this week when I read in in the social collaboration plattform we have in place in our company a post from a very senior HR person presenting ISO HR Standards linked with a book from David Ulrich  «The Why we Work» , where David explained how HR professionals can help employees find meaning and purpose in their work, and also how developing a corporate culture where employees can find meaning at work: «HR professionals are architects … they create a blueprint for how the organization works so line managers can build it.»


We are learning. We are creating the future.images

My purpose is sharing our learning so we can make this happen the sooner the better all working together in collaboration for a better world for everyone.


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