Vacations. Increase of awareness. Increase of connection with our inner self. Stop doing. Stop. And just breath and be present. Rest and enjoy and do it again, rest and enjoy....BE PRESENT Vacaciones. Aumento de conciencia. Aumento de conexión con nuestro ser. Parar de hacer. Parar. Y simplemente respirar y ESTAR /SER PRESENTE. Descansar y disfrutar y hacerlo de … Continuar leyendo Vacations


Vision is PRESENT. The vision is in PRESENT and is fully possible based in our COMMITMENT. Let's start to BE our VISION. What's your vision? Visión es PRESENTE.  La visión es es en el presente. y es totalmente posible basada en nuestro COMPROMISO. Empecemos a SER nuestra VISION.  Cual es tu visión? " Tu tiempo … Continuar leyendo Vision

Respect – Respeto

Hoy releí un escrito de Jim Selman sobre el respeto. Me fue revelador y me mostró una nueva distinción aunque ya lo "sabía" "Respecting everyone is a stand we can take…it is not reasonable and it is not based on people’s past behavior — it is "looking at people newly” as possibilities and as perfect … Continuar leyendo Respect – Respeto

Conversations with my daughters – Conversaciones con mis hijas

They are the most valuable and important thing in my life. They are source of infinite Joy for me and also for him, for us. We are still US due them. I mean, We are and will be always We since the reason of the existence of our WE are JOY and LOVE come … Continuar leyendo Conversations with my daughters – Conversaciones con mis hijas