Dulce Fracaso – Sweet Failure

Hace unos minutos me enter茅 que finalmente aprob茅 la materia. Y en agradecimiento al Dr Maliandi y a Ma Teresa Calatroni y tambi茅n como testimonio les dejo lo que el 3 de Junio de 2016 escrib铆a en LFM's fb: Gente querida, les comparto la perlita de la semana. Este mi茅rcoles estaba en clase con la … Continue reading Dulce Fracaso – Sweet Failure


SAPERE AUDE!!! Time to study Latin - Tiempo de estudiar Latin. It's quite complex. Es bastante complejo. And so lovely. Y tan encantador. And Funny. Y Divertido. Thanks聽JUAN GOLDIN!!!!! SAPERE AUDE! / Atr茅vete a Saber! /Have the courage to use your own understanding! IMMANUEL KANT聽 Konigsberg in Prussia, 30th September, 1784. Enlightenment is man's emergence … Continue reading SAPERE AUDE!

Philosophers? Fil贸sofos?

Are you a Philosopher? Sos un Fil贸sofo?聽 1) at least once you wonder how can something exist when before it didn't exist or聽viceversa /聽al menos una vez te preguntaste c贸mo puede existir algo cuando antes no exist铆a o viceversa 2) at least once you doubt if聽there聽is a mistake聽in your perceptions, or your experience and / … Continue reading Philosophers? Fil贸sofos?

El mito de la caverna . Platon / Plato’s cave

Starting my journey in my postponed dream: study Philosophy, I've just finished reading "The Republic" by Plato complete.聽 My main takeaway is from Chapter VII,聽the Myth of the Cave, to realice that聽there are a lot of things that I only know its shadow and I didn't know it.聽 And I see this as a door … Continue reading El mito de la caverna . Platon / Plato’s cave