Principles of Spiritual Leadership

From "Getting into Action Materials" The Pachamama we enter the third millennium, we are urgently called to action in two distinct capacities: to serve as hospice workers to a dying culture, and to serve as midwives to an emerging culture. These two tasks are required simultaneously; they call upon us to move through the … Continue reading Principles of Spiritual Leadership


Participo en la creación e implementación de las siguientes mejores prácticas en Recursos Humanos, partiendo del compromiso como modo de ser en el mundo, de modo que estas nuevas prácticas hacen posible un mundo mejor para todos VISION - Declared in March 2006 - in a coaching process with Jim Selman I participate in creation and implementation of the … Continue reading VISION

Creating future – Creando futuro

The future is not there waiting for us, we are the ones who create it with each thought, each action and most of all with our intention. So lets create a future plenty of possibilities and Joy for everyone.  El futuro no está ahí esperando por nosotros, nosotros somos quienes lo creamos con cada pensamiento, … Continue reading Creating future – Creando futuro


There are solutions and answers that worked perfectly in the past. Most of our success is based in those solutions and answers. So we love them. We have them in our tool-kit and use them. But one day, suddendly, we don't get success. Something is wrong. We don't know what's wrong...but we are sure that … Continue reading VUCA WORLD – MUNDO VUCA

Coaching Social

Un mundo nuevo para crear, el coaching social. To create a new world, the social coaching. Este coaching social busca basarse en la filosofía existencial, que percibe al hombre como un proyecto, un ser arrojado a su futuro que lo espera.El Da Sein (Ser Ahí) de la filosofía existencial es un Mit Da Sein (Ser … Continue reading Coaching Social