New Year Resolutions


Starting with my new years resolutions I found a video by Jim Selman about Commitment. It remembered me the times when Jim explained these concepts in his visits to Argentina and how these concepts transform my life and what I considered possible or not, standing for Commitment. 

Jim speaks about two dimentions of Commitment:  Possibility and Accountability.

Possibility: How do we bring a possibility into existence as an expression of our commitment?

Accountability:  like who can we count on and how can we count on each other to really  bring forth the future we say we want. 

Possibility: they are created out of the imagination and the courage and the inspiration of individuals like you and me who can consider that we are not limited by our past, we are not limited to what we think is possible we are only limited by what we are committed it can be possible. 

There is only one important thing we need to know about commitment:  It’s a picture of WE when we look above the line and a it’s picture of ME when we look below the line. When we make commitment we change the relationship among each others, we begin to count on each other, we begin to need each other to be able to fulfill those commitments. Because the fact is that only YOU can make commitments, but only WE can fulfill them.

Commitment is the basis for Action. Commitment is the basis upon we can create the future, is the basis upon which we can celebrate who we are and realize that we as human beings are never limited by our past, we are not limited by our concerns, we can be limited only by what we give power to and allow to limit us.


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